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At Solutions Integrative Health Care, our Mount Pleasant and Charleston holistic medicines include a number of natural remedies including:


Where does chiropractic therapy fit into our Charleston holistic medicine program? Natural health chiropractic care works to balance the nervous system through specific adjustments to various joints in the body, primarily in the spine. The word chiropractic comes from Greek meaning “treatment by hand” and was coined by D.D. Palmer, the first chiropractor, in 1895.  Many people equate chiropractic care with back pain because that is where most chiropractors focus their treatments; however, Palmer’s first adjustment actually helped restore a man’s hearing.  The adjustment had nothing to do with back or neck pain.  Since then, chiropractic care has been successfully utilized to treat people with a variety of disorders ranging from sprained ankles to headaches and asthma to weight loss.  In fact, peer-reviewed research supports the use of chiropractic care for people of all ages, including pediatric development and adult health.  Our treatment methods not only eliminate nerve interference, but also eliminate imbalances in the flow of blood, lymph, and acupuncture channels.  The nervous system functions to control and regulate every cell of the body.   When the nervous system is out of balance, it promotes disease, robs us of our vitality, and can weaken our immune system.  For these reasons, chiropractic care is critical for maintaining optimal health.


AK is an interdisciplinary approach to health care which draws together the core elements of the complementary therapies (chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, etc.), to create a more unified approach to diagnosing and treating everyday illnesses. AK is a holistic and natural Charleston medicine technique that uses functional assessment measures such as posture and gait analysis, manual muscle testing as a neurological evaluation, range of motion, static palpation, and motion analysis. These assessments are used in conjunction with standard methods of diagnosis, such as clinical history, physical examinations, and laboratory tests to develop the appropriate treatment protocols for patients.  


Blood tests are used to identify a range of conditions including anemias, liver dysfunction, and thyroid imbalances to name a few.  SIHC uses the most cutting edge diagnostic tools to ensure that you get the most up to date and individualized results of blood tests.  Typically, doctors use a standard range of values based on normed lab results.  However, what is normal for your neighbor may not be normal for you.  Many times people exhibit symptoms but have no diagnosis because they are in the “normal” range.  SIHC carefully evaluates blood tests in order to make sure that you are not in a gray area between what is considered normal and what is actually optimal.  This additional attention to detail enables us to look at your symptomatic make up to formulate individualized treatment options.

At SIHC, part of our Charleston organic medicine includes cutting edge nutritional evaluations to give you the most individualized care possible.  We prescribe nutritional regimens based on your body type and nutritional status.  Because change happens quickly under these conditions, nutritional needs are reevaluated at every visit.  This is more than just taking vitamins or a multivitamin; it is a very advanced way of analyzing your specific biochemical makeup.


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“Get knowledge of the spine for this is the requisite for many diseases.”

Hippocrates, 460-377 B.C.
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“Intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies…our own inner intelligence is far superior to any we can try to substitute from the outside.”  

Deepak Chopra, M.D.
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